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Propane Fireplaces & Generators Near Monticello, NY

Relax And Enjoy A Propane Fireplace


Warm up your home with a propane fireplace from local family-owned and operated Rez-Bear Propane. We carry Empire and White Mountain Hearth fireplace products, so you can be sure you’re getting a great quality product for your money. We also carry inserts, log sets, and freestanding propane stoves.


Our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience with us our top priority, along with competitive prices on our products and services. Contact us today for more information.

Propane Generators For Your Home & Business

When bad weather hits and you lose power, a standby or backup generator is essential for your home and business. When you have a backup generator for your house, it keeps your power on even when you’ve lost electricity. This is because generators are powered by gas or propane. You don’t even have to worry about powering up your generator in a storm, because it kicks on automatically. This means that you can make it through a power outage with ease, knowing that you still have access to water, heat, or AC, and fresh food in your fridge or freezer. What’s more, you can ride out the storm watching TV, using the Internet, or with any other activity that normally requires electricity.

You can turn to our knowledgeable staff to recommend the best options for you, at the most competitive prices. If you have any questions regarding our generator offering or would like to discuss your needs, please contact us at 845-791-4427.

Call for a Free Consultation and Estimate

Our professional, caring service team members are happy to walk you through questions, quotes, and services to meet your needs.

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