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Flexible and Affordable Payment Options


Let’s face it: Paying the bills is a chore few of us look forward to. And with the winter conditions in Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange Counties, paying the bills for your propane can be a job you particularly dread.


Rez-Bear Propane has payment options and pricing programs designed to help make that job easier for you. Our 20+ years of experience means our customers get quality propane at a great price and service they can’t get from any other heating oil provider.


With our AutoPay option, your monthly payment is directly paid each month through a credit card or EBT transfer. No more worrying about whether or not you paid the bill on time!

Take the Stress out of Bill-Paying With a Budget Plan

One of the best ways to make managing your Rez-Bear Propane bills easy and predictable is to enroll in our budget plan. Consider when you use the most propane: it’s during and after the holiday season, and right before tax time! That’s the worst time to be paying big bills.


Our budget plan takes that burden off your plate. Instead of paying the bulk of your propane bills over a few months, we will take the average annual fuel use and spread the cost of that over 12 even payments. That makes planning your monthly expenses much easier!

There’s no deadline for enrollment in the Rez-Bear Propane budget plan. You can either adjust for time or condense your payments to catch up.

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